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酿酒是古老传统的艺术。结合这种艺术形式,人类的 才华与自然的果实融合在一起,创造出精美的艺术品 。 熊谷酒庄的支柱是我们的社区,一个以艺术传播促进 创造力和情商的社区。 根据我们的核心价值观和计画,我们专门设计了熊谷 画廊向公众开放的美术馆。熊谷画廊的特色艺术家是 精选并按季节轮换的。我们展出不同类别的加拿大艺 术家的作品,致力于展现自然与创作艺术的多样性。 所有艺术品都在酒庄的陈列厅中展示,您可以在品尝 葡萄酒的同时细读艺术品。 随着每个新展览的开展,我们将举办一个艺术开幕式 晚会活动,您可以在这里与艺术家见面,欣赏葡萄酒 和现场音乐,并在向公众展示之前优先欣赏和购买艺 术作品。

Meet the Artist

With the launch of each new exhibition, we host an evening art opening where you can meet the artist(s) in person, enjoy wine and live music and take in the art before it goes on display to the public.

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Featured Artist(s)

"Momentary Rhythms: a UBCO Visual Arts Exhibition". Momentary Rhythms is featuring two UBCO Visual Arts Graduates: Eclipse Galloway and Ruth Nygard. This collection features acrylic and oil on canvas and portrays larger-than-life-sized portraits, horizonless landscapes, representations of the natural world and memories captured and turned into elusive interiors of the remembered past. The title "Momentary Rhythms" is a progressive statement about the students' active roles as artists. This exhibit signifies their progression into the future and refers to the movement or visual flow within each piece of art.

Previous Artist(s)

Randall Young Exhibition is a visual artist with roots in two provinces. A childhood spent in the foothills of Alberta honed his deep appreciation of nature. Studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design, with special interests in ceramics, and woodworking, introduced Randall to the visual arts where he completed the programme in Visual Communications. This led him to a career as a graphic artist and illustrator, while raising his own family.

Artist Submission

Please send your Curriculum Vitae including Exhibition History, Gallery Affiliations and Association Memberships, Artist Biography, Artist Statement, 10 photos of your work including size, date completed and retail price, Your website URL, Social Media handles and where you are located.

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