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A rich bouquet of brambleberry, black plum, ripe cherry, followed by fresh and dried herbs, cedar, and vanilla. Strong, ripe tannin with dense rich fruit character will develop wonderfully with 10 or more years in our double magnum bottle.

Vintage Notes

One of the most widely recognized grapes in the world, Merlot is a crossing between Cab Franc and little known Magdelaine Noire des Charentes. This Makes it a half sibling to Cabernet Sauvignon and explains why the 3 blend so well together and make similar wines. Typically more plush, softer and plumier than Cabernet Sauvignon, and less tart and herbaceous than Cab Franc. It normally adds texture and volume to a blend. It ripens earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon and doesn’t mind thicker, damper soil.

Winemaker's Notes

Full bodied, high alcohol, medium high acidity, medium-high ripe tannin, dry, high flavour intensity, long finish.

2014 Reserve Merlot 3L


Reserve Merlot




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