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       Icewine Experience


Icewine Tour & Tasting 

This January-March 2024 — Experience winter in wine country with our guided Icewine tours and tastings daily from now until the end of March! Every January, Grizzli Winery focuses on celebrating all things Icewine! The Okanagan Valley is one of a handful of regions in the world that can craft an authentic Icewine, and this West Kelowna winery excels in creating award-winning VQA icewines right here in the Okanagan.

Thanks to our below-freezing temperatures, Canadians get the annual chance to craft a drink so precise that the slightest change in temperature can ruin all efforts; so rewarding that even the harshest crafting conditions are worthwhile; and so deliciously sweet that you’ll have no choice but to come back for more. This is Icewine, and nothing will beat experiencing the wonders of Icewine firsthand!



This 30-minute tour gives you behind-the-scenes access where you can view Grizzli Winery’s ice wine-making process up close on a guided ice wine tour. Every bottle of award-winning Icewine begins with local Okanagan-grown grapes that are hand-picked in the dead of winter while still frozen on the vine. They are then pressed, bottled and labelled on-site in West Kelowna at their estate winery!


Your tour will finish in their 20,000 sq. ft. tasting room and art gallery with a guided tasting flight of two table wines and two of their award-winning icewines. 

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