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       Art Gallery


Grizzli Art Gallery

Visit our world-renown Grizzli Art Gallery, exhibiting the works of contemporary Canadian artists of all mediums in its welcoming gallery space.

All art is displayed throughout our 20,000 sq. ft. tasting room, wine lounge, and retail shop.

We invite you to peruse the art while enjoying a glass of wine. Bring memories from the Okanagan with you. Every piece of artwork is available for purchase and ready to take home. Proceeds from every piece sold goes to support the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra Society.

Open daily during regular tasting room hours. Admission is free.

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Passion for Art

Winemaking throughout generations has transformed from an age-old tradition to a form of art, where talent and innovation come together to create something exquisite.


At Grizzli Winery we hold a unique approach to our love for the arts. Through our dedication to supporting our local community and charities, The Grizzli Art Gallery was born.


Our Grizzli Art Gallery promotes creativity and emotional intelligence and allows us to support the local art community.

                                    Current Exhibition

                                          Summer Exhibition: May 28th- September 30th 2024

                      WILD PALETTE 

    Featuring a Solo Exhibition by Jordan Perkins 




'Wild Palette' is an exhilarating art collection that showcases the untamed spirit of wildlife, people and animals through a bold, colourful, painterly lens, using a technique such as spontaneous realism. With palette knives, paintbrushes, and aerosol paint, viewers experience the artist's realism, imagination and passion. Immerse yourself in a world where imagination meets reality, and everything becomes a work of wild art.

This summer exhibition will run from May 28th to September 30th and is located inside our wine lounge and tasting room, Canada's largest tasting room. It is open daily to the public and has seasonal hours.

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Jordan Perkins is a self-taught artist based in the picturesque Coldstream, BC. It began in 2015 in the charming town of Castlegar, BC. At the time, Jordan was 35 and seeking a delightful activity to share with my daughter during our afternoons.


Their adventure led them to the local dollar store, where they eagerly stocked up on various vibrant paint colours and canvases of different sizes. Although his initial attempts at painting were far from impressive, something magical happened when his daughter requested to hang one of his creations in her room—that moment ignited a spark. Jordan was filled with an incredible sense of accomplishment and joy.


From that point forward, Jordan embarked on a journey of exploration, continuously honing his skills and experimenting with new techniques and styles. As his passion grew, so did his collection of art supplies. Countless hours and countless paintings later, Jordan discovered his artistic identity—a style characterized by bold, large-scale pieces that serve as captivating centrepieces within any space. Jordan's focus primarily revolves around the creation of animal and people portraits, each one a testament to my artistic evolution. He constantly pushes the boundaries of creativity to pursue his finest masterpiece. 

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