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2020 Petit Verdot






Petit Verdot



Our 2020 petit Verdot has delight notes of ripe dark plum and violet flower. It’s medium to high body with medium acidity and plentiful tannin. It offers complex fruity of ripe plum, blueberries, and with a pleasant smooth finish.

Vintage Notes

In France, Petit Verdot (“peh-tee vur-doe”) is a full-bodied red wine that originates in Bordeaux. It is highly desired as a blending grape in red Bordeaux blends because of its plentiful color, tannin and floral aromas of violet.

Winemaker's Notes

Petit Verdot offers up aromas of mostly black fruit flavors ranging from plum, blackberry and blueberry to slightly lighter black cherry. The unique and intriguing flavors of Petit Verdot are herbal and floral notes such as violet, lilac, lavender, sage, and dried herbs. You’ll find that most producers will oak age this wine to soften it and add flavors of vanilla, hazelnut and mocha. And occasionally, the wine can be a bit smoky and rustic, like smoked meats.


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