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2018 Late Harvest Riesling









Bright and gold, our late Harvest Riesling was hand harvested later in the season to allow the natural sugars to develop and create this luscious sweet wine. The nose is delighted with brimming aromas of honey nectar, plump apricots, pineapples, and cantaloupes. 

Vintage Notes

Gouais Blanc is one of the parent vines of Riesling making it half sibling to Chardonnay. Unlike Chardonnay, Riesling is all about where it was grown, not how it was treated in the winery. A German white varietal that produces incredibly fresh and mineral like wines. It can range from citrus to stone fruits, and is one of the few white wines that develop in the bottle. Rarely aged in oak, Rieslings are usually favoured for their ability to be made in every sweetness level imaginable.

Winemaker's Notes

Full bodied, medium alcohol, sweet, high flavour intensity, long finish.


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